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Litter News


Ic,Lady Mary's Ellie Eugenia mated to Sc.Lady Mary's Silver Wellin Spirit

gave birth to 2 lovely silver kittens

June 5'th-17

silver tabby british shorthair kittens

Kittens diary


Golden Crystal Flower Fairy mated to Sc.Lady Mary's Silver Wellin Spirit gave birth to 5 lovely silver kittens 30'th May-17

british shorthair silver spotted tabby kittens 

 Kittens diary.




.Show News


Scandinavian Winner Show

29-30'th April-17

From Lady Mary's father and son made excellent results at the show bench.

 shaded cameo british shorthair cat



Agderkatten March-17


So nice to meet cat people and their cats this weekend. Very proudly 5 Lady Mary's cats became Nominated for Best in Show at Agderkattens show. Big congratulations to owners and the Lady Mary's family . Photos/read more....


silver spotted british shorthair cat











       Welcome to Lady Mary's      



 silver tabby british shorthair cat




Lady Mary's kittens are FIFe registered.


Located in South-Norway.


 silver spotted british shorthair kitten

Specializing in tabby, spotted and smoke British Shorthair cats since 1986.

silver tabby british shorthair

     Breeding for loving temper, excellent type, patterns and orange eyecolour.  More breeding info



 Kittens sometimes available for loving, permanent homes.



2017  Litter News.......................

We are very happy  to welcome new offspring to the Lady Mary's family this year.


tabby british shorthair kittens

Lady Mary's R2 Litte - born 5'th june-17


british shorthair litter 


Lady Mary's Q2 litter - born 30'th May -17



If you have any questions you are more than welcome to contact us.



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