Lady Mary’s  is a FIFe registered  cattery, established in Birkeland, in the south part of Norway.

First kittens from Lady Mary's breeding were born 23'th May 1986. In that litter the first silver spotted BSH cats in Scandinavia where born, and from this litter I kept Ic.Lady Mary's Silver Annie for further breeding.  A lovely silver spotted lady with a lovely head type, specially she had lovely big round eyes and small well placed ears.  She became a very dear grand old lady for me and I was happy to have her for almost 18 years.  Also her brother Ep.Lady Mary's Smoke Asterix was my dear grand old boy, keeping a lovely condition for show up to about 16 years of age. I had the great pleasure of sharing my life with him for almost 19 years. 

silver spotted british shorthairblack smoke british shorthair cat

Annie - BRI ns 24 62                              Asterix -  BRI ns


Specializing from the beginning in tabby, spotted and black smoke. Every matings from Lady Mary's has been with at least one silver tabby, spotted or black smoke cat.  


silver tabby british shorthair cats


Grandchild to Annie, Ec.Lady Mary's Silver Linnea, silver spotted and her Sir Ch.Sargenta Silver Jewel, silvertabby, whom I imported from breeder Mrs. Ursula Graves in England was a most important part of my silver tabby and spotted breeding program during the 1990's.  They gave beautiful kittens all with lovely orange eye colour.

When Jewel celebrated his 15 years birthday this photo was taken. "Old love lies deep" couldn't be more true for this lovely grand old couple who were sharing many lovely years together. Both Jewel and Linnea became 15 1/2 years old.

linnea and jewel


The last couple of years I have also been working with red silver varieties and in 2010 the first tortie silver tabby BSH, Ic.Lady Mary's Ellie Eugenia, was born in Norway. A very exciting and attractive colour to work with.  Lovely to see the contrasts of red, silver and black. 

Combination with tortie silver tabby and silver spotted should also give the first Lady Mary's shaded cameo, Hamlet Surprise.

tortie silver tabby british shorthair


Shaded cameo british shorthair cat


Breeding for excellent temper, type and colour. 

We always put temper in front so it's nice that our cats are called "purring machines".  Focus on head type and selective working with tabby/spotted combinations for excellent patterns and orange eyecolour during generations.

Our cats are all part of the family and kittens are raised from the very beginning to be socialized and loving cats.

Kittens sometimes available for loving, permanent homes only.   ware


Sc-Lady Mary's Silver Wellin Spirit -  BSH ns 24 62


 Ep.Lady Mary's Smoke Asterix and Smoke Tinka - BSH ns



  silver spotted british shorthair catSc.Lady Mary's Silver Linnea


tortie silver tabby british shorthair cat

Kathy de Lalique- BSH fs 22 62