BSH ds 11 - Shaded Cameo

DOB: 22.03.12


Bloodgroup b



tortie silver tabby british shorthair

Kathy de Lalique

BSH fs 22 62



silver spotted british shorthair cat

Sc.Lady Mary's Silver Wellin Spirit - BSH ns 24 62







Happy Birthday

6 years old

shaded cameo british shorthair


Østfoldkatten Oct-17



1 x Nominated for Best in Show


Scandinavian winner show April 2017

shaded cameo british shorthair

Hamlet and his son Lady Mary's Silver Lord made excellent results at the show bench on the Scandinavian winner show. Hamlet was made up to Int.Premier and his son Lord owned by Anita had his 3'rd cagcib

silver tabby british shorthair




shaded cameo british shorthair

February 2017

Sired kittens


Hamlet sired his first kittens,5 lovely babies, December 19-2014 mated to Shadow.

Kittens Diary

british shorthair kittens


Show News


We had a lovely time at Jyrak's show in Denmark. Hamlet was made up to Int.Champion and had 1 x cagcib

red cameo british shorthair







Int.Pr. /Int.Champ. Lady Mary's Hamlet Surprise

Hamlet was indeed a big surprise, Lady Mary's first red shaded or shaded cameo as his colour is named., out of his tortie silver tabby mother Kathy de Lalique and silver spotted father Sc.Lady Mary's Silver Wellin Spirit.  Both  silver parents but when the red genes from his mother plays a wildcard, the result can be a very unique boy with a very unique color.

Sometimes a cat you cannot live without comes along.  That's my Hamlet. A very irresistible young man with outstanding personality and temper.

Hamlet has made excellent results at the show bench. Nominated for Best in Show several times in kitten and adult class. Specially he has a fantastic coat texture, outstanding eyecolour and has got a very nice  development. Just to mention some of his amazing features.  I found him particularly interesting for the tortie silver tabby/spotted colours and wanted to give his qualities a chance for breeding in these varieties.

From Hamlet's first litter mated to his silver tabby Dam Shadow, it resulted in some very exciting breeding results, 1 tortie silver spotted girl, 2 tortie silver tabby girl, 1 silver tabby male and 1 spotted girl.

Well developed at 3 years of age he was neutered and both him and daughter Lilijana and son Lord are to be seen at the show bench making excellent results.




Hamlet 2 1/2 years





shaded cameo british shorthair kitten

Hamlet 1 week old.