silver tabby british shorthair cat


brown tabby british shorthair cat




silver tabby british shorthair

 Tabby is not just tabby. For me, the most beautiful tabby patterns  is what I call 50/50.  50 % pattern colour, and 50 % ground colour.


silvertabby british shorthair



Lady Mary's tortie tabby kitten.

 brown tabby

 Lady Mary's Brown tabby kitten



Tabby Info


On the appropriate base colour is a “dark” and clearly defined pattern with good contrast without ticked hairs (brindling). Markings in the shape of the characteristic “M” on the forehead, an unbroken line runs back from the outer corner of the eye, 2 or 3 spirals on the cheeks, thumb prints on the ears, 2 unbroken necklaces on the chest.


brown tabby british shorthair cat

Sp/Sc.Lady Mary's Brown Ximir- BSH n 22



 Vertical lines over the back of the head extend to the shoulder markings, shoulder markings are in the shape of a butterfly with both upper and lower wings distinctly defined. The back markings consist of a vertical line down the spine from the butterfly to the tip of the tail. On each side of this line a “dark line” runs in parallel. These 3 lines are clearly separated from each other by the ground colour.


silver tabby british shorthair cat

Sc. Lady Mary's Silver Pearl - BSH ns 22 62



On each flank there are large blotches in the colour of the ground colour encircled by one or more unbroken “darker” lines. Markings should be the same on each side. A double row of “dark” spots (buttons) appears on the chest and the stomach. The legs are evenly barred. The back of the feet is coloured in the “dark” colour. The tail is evenly ringed and ends in a solid tip