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 silver spotted british shorthair





silver spotted british shorthair














Spotted Info

On the appropriate base colour is shown a clear pattern of numerous well defined round or oval “dark” spots with good contrast without ticked hairs (brindling). The spots are clearly separated from each other and do not merge into each other.

silver spotted british shorthair cat

Sc.Lady Mary's Silver Linnea - BSH ns 24 62



 The more numerous the better. On each cat the spots should be of uniform shape, they are as important as the colour, they must harmonize with the base colour.



Sc.Lady Mary's Silver Wellin Spirit - BSH ns 24 62 - 




There is an intricate tabby “M” on the forehead, with markings extending up over the head between the ears and breaking into small spots on the lower neck and shoulders.


 Maskara markings are found around the eyes and on the cheeks. The eyes are rimmed with the darkest coat colour and surrounded by the lightest colour. Thumprints on the ears.
There are one or two broken necklaces on the chest. The spots should be spread on the shoulders and over the body down to the legs. A slight spine line is permitted.

The stomach is covered by clearly defined spots. The legs are evenly ringed and/or spotted. The back of the feet is coloured in the “dark”colour. The tail is evenly ringed and ends in a solid tip