Black Smoke info


Black Smoke is an “old” colour, and still not so many smoke ones to be seen, but the few we see, we are in general speaking about very nice developed type.The British shorthair’s short and dense coat gives excellent possibilities to show the special smoke colour contrast and many of the smoke ones also keep an attractive type. Smoke is a “silver cat”, showing the dominant silver gene and at least one of the parents are silver too.

The challenges are making a pure silver white undercoat all over the cats body,and at the same time it’s preferred that the black smoke looks like a solid black. Although an characteristic M at the black smokes forehead shown more ore less visible is often to be seen already at new born kittens and very seldom you see adult black smoke’s with out any ghost markings, but some beautiful examples have turned up so it’s posstible.

Ghost markings or not, speaking about breeding, black smoke cats are exciting to work with and could very well give nice results in combinations for tabby or spotted breeding programs. As black smoke ones only are recognized with orange eye colour (by FIFe) the combinations for smoke breeding should have orange eye colour.



My dear grand old boy from my first litter 23.05,86.

Ep.Lady Mary's Smoke Asterix.  He became 18 1/2 years old.