Lady Mary's Silver Buffalo


Lady Mary's Silver Buffalosilver spotted british shorthair kitten

Colour: Silver spotted -

DOB: 7’th Nov-07


FIV,FELV and PKD neg tested

Blood group b

Sired kittens


Buffalo sired his first kittens Jul-10, mated to Kathy de Lalique.

2 silver tabby boys

1 brown spotted boy

1 brown tabby boy

1 tortie silver tabby girl.

silver tabby british shorthair kitten

silver tabby british shorfthair kitten

brown spotted british shorthair kitten

brown tabby british shorthair kitten

tortie silver tabby british shorthair kitten

Ic.Lady Mary's Silver Buffalo


Buffalo is a charming young man.  He has a beautiful head type, small well placed ears, and lovely round head. Important qualities that I find important to bring further. Time should show that he gave even more qualities to his first kittens he sired July-10, mated to Kathy de Lalique. 

In kitten classes 4 kittens have become Nominated and become 2 x BIS litter in competiton with Bengal and Aby.  Very nice to see three different colours in this litter and that they all was keeping so "clean" colours, from silver white, to warm brown and deep tortie silver.


A mothers love - british shorthair kitten and mum

"A mothers love"

Buffalo's mother Lady Mary's Smoke Tinka was a wonderful mother.This is one of my favourite mother and kitten photo.