The Tortie Silver Tabby Cats

Kathy de Lalique







Tortie silver tabby British Shorthair

Lady Mary's Ellie Eugenia

Tortie Silver tabby  is quite a new colour and Kathy was the first BSH in this colour to be imported to Norway in 2010.  Thank you to the breeder Claudia Enders from Germany for this lovely lady.  She has such a lovely temper and a well developed type. Her orange eye colour is a dream and her pedigree content mostly tabby cats. For Kathy’s first litter she was mated to Buffalo , a 5’th generation from my breeding, his pedigree contents mostly tabby and spotted cats.


Kathy gave birth to her first litter July 29’th - 10  and from this litter Lady Mary’s first Tortie silver tabby, Ellie Eugenia  was born. Very nice to see how all kittens from this litter are keeping a “clean” colour.From silver white silver tabbies, warm brown tabby and spotted to this deep tortie silver tabby coloured girl, all with lovely strong markings and promising type.

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tortie silver tabby british shorthair