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Golden Crystal Flower Fairy (BSH ns 22 62) - 

silver tabby british shorthair


Supreme Champion.Lady Mary's Silver Wellin Spirit (BRI ns 24 62)

Expected colours:

Silvertabby and silverspotted - orange ayed


Earlier litter to Fairy and Spirit born November-15

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------british shorthair litter



Int.Champion .Lady Mary's Ellie Eugenia (BSH fs 22 62)tortie silver tabby british shorthair cat




Supreme Champion Lady Mary's Silver Wellin Spirit


Espected colours:

Tortie tabby/spotted, tortie silver tabby/spotted, red tabby/spotted

Brown tabby/spotted, silver tabby/spotted, black


Earlier litters to Ellie and Spirit :

Image may contain: cat




british shorthair litter



british shorthair litterbritish shorthair litter

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