Grenlandspusen's show 3. Nov-19


We had a lovely time at Grenlandspusen's show on Sunday. Great with a break off, just meeting cat friends and cats.

Gic.Lady Mary's Ellie Eugenia was made up to Premier and was 1 x Nominated for Best in Show, Her son Ip.Lady Mary's Silver Rubin had 1 x Cagpib. Golden Crystal Flower Fairy was Best breeding queen in kat 3 and from her 4 offspring was shown. Ip.Lady Mary's Silver Quinn had 1 x Cagpib and his brother Ic..Lady Mary's Silver Qamaro had 2 x Cagcib (shown 2 days), both little sisters to them Lady Mary's Silver Ulicia and Silver Una had Ex 1.

tortie silver tabby british shorthair cat

Pr.Gic. Lady Mary's Ellie Eugenia


silver tabby spotted british shorthair cat

Golden Crystal Flower Fairy and her silver spotted daughter Lady Mary's Silver Una.


silver spotted british shorthair cat

From left: Ic.Lady Mary's Silver Quinn and  his brother Ic. Lady Mary's Silver Qamaro with their owners.

british shorthair cat

From left: Ic.cLady Mary's Silver Rubin and me with his mother Pr..Gic.Lady Mary's Silver Ellie.

silver tabby british shorthair

Lady Mary's Silver Ulicia


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